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Hazardous Materials Hauling and Testing

Channel Coast CorporationHazardous Materials Hauling and Testing

"Channel Coast is a widely trusted construction company offering superior services for projects of all sizes"

CCC personnel work with their clients and consultants as an integrated team, dedicated to bringing every project to a mutually successful completion. Careful planning and management of all phases of construction consistently assures the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness.

<h2>Hazardous Hauling</h2>Our hazardous waste hauling division specializes in hazardous wastes including asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s, lab packed items, and most kinds of containerized hazardous waste.

These services range throughout Southern California and complement our remediation programs. We utilize permitted recycling facilities, established waste disposal sites, and well-designed landfills. Our special “shipping receipt” procedure is authorized by the DTSC. Our staff prepares manifests and labels to properly identify each load.

Each waste will be properly identified by D.O.T. shipping name and waste numbers through the profiling process. Only the best, reputable disposal sites with proper permits will be considered for final disposal. Whenever possible we will obtain insurance indemnification of the client by the disposal company. Recycling processes will be used as often as possible to reduce the waste and liability. Our own well-trained staff will be present for clean up, packaging, loading and transportation of the wastes to prevent risk of spillage.

<h2>Hazardous Materials Testing</h2>Channel Coast Corporation performs hazardous materials testing for mold, asbestos, lead, and other types of questionable materials. We work closely with a lab on the east coast that is capable of receiving, processing, and reporting within a 24 to 48 hour window.

Environmental Hazards Services of Richmond, Virginia has been in business since 1994.  They are an analytical testing laboratory specializing in the analysis of environmental, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene samples.  Sample analysis includes the detection of asbestos in bulk samples (PLM), quantification of airborne fiber concentration (PCM), detection and quantification of metals in various media (paint chips, wipes, air, building debris, and soil).  In addition they perform the analysis of fungal spore/pollen grain count and identification of common genera as well as the analysis of viable fungal and bacterial samples.  They pride themselves on providing their clients with excellent customer service, next day turn around for PLM, PCM and lead analysis and  strict adherence to their QA/QC program.






Channel Coast Corporation (CCC) is a diverse general and subcontractor offering superior professional construction services throughout Southern California.

Channel Coast Corporation
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